Filippo Turati’s expatriation as told by Sandro Pertini

Filippo Turati, whose political and moral stature made him the true representative of antifascism, needed to escape from the prison that Italy was becoming because of the fascist laws, to go abroad and make the world aware of the people’s protest against the fascist dictatorship.

Having fled his home in Milan the 24th of November 1926 despite heavy police surveillance, Turati hid in Caronno, in Varese, at the house of journalist Ettore Albini. Having discovered Turati’s escape, Mussolini ordered to find him. All stations of the carabinieri are mobilized. The 8th of December, evading every watch, Turati succeeds in reaching my city, Savona. It was righty decided that Turati needed a travel partner. I was chosen because the police commission of Savona had sentenced me to five years of confinement, and for this I was wanted.

Click here for the full text taken from Sandro Pertini. Combattente per la libertà, edited by S. Caretti and M. Degl’Innocenti, Manduria-Bari-Rome, Piero Lacaita, 2017.


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“Giovanni Pieraccini. La politica e l’arte” – Museo del Novecento, Milan

Presentation of Giovanni Pieraccini, la politica e l’arte, by Maurizio Degl’Innocenti at the Museo del Novecento in Milan on November 14.  At the chair table professors Degl’Innocenti, Paolo Rusconi, Antonello Negri and Irene Piazzoni.


Click here for a slideshow of the images found in the book.

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Exhibit and theatrical reading “Sandro Pertini combattente per la libertà”

Inauguration of the exhibit Sandro Pertini combattente per la libertà, at Naso (Messina), Vecchio Municipio, Piazza Lo Sardo, 17th of November 2017. The exhibit will run until 24 December 2017.
Click here for the invitation to the launch. (in Italian)


After great success
the theatrical reading of “Pertini combattente per la libertà” for schools continues,
derived from the book Sandro Pertini combattente per la libertà, edited by S.Caretti and M.Degl’Innocenti, Manduria-Bari-Rome, publishing house Pietro Lacaita, 2016 (XI edition revised and expanded). So far the event has been held at Campobasso (25 October), Benevento (26 October), Melfi (27 October), Avellino (8 November), with more than 2,000 students participating.

The reading wil continue at Cervinara (AV) the 13th of November, Pietralcina (BN) the 14th of November,  Colle Sannito (BN) the 15th of November, and San Giovanni Valdarno (AR) the 24th of November.

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“Giovanni Pieraccini. La politica e l’arte”

Presentation of
Maurizio Degl’Innocenti’s
Giovanni Pieraccini. La politica e l’arte
14 November 2017 – 18:00
Museo del Novecento, Milan

Pres-libro 14-11-17

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“MATTEOTTI PER LE SCUOLE” countrywide competition – third edition

The Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies and the Fondazione Giacomo Matteotti  together with the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research present, for the 2017/2018 academic year, the third edition of the “MATTEOTTI PER LE SCUOLE” countrywide competition, aimed at secondary school students.

Click here for the announcement and the registration form (in Italian)


Giacomo Matteotti at Chamber of Deputies following his final speech (30 May 1924), image by Venezian artist Maria Vinca


The area of the Left of the Chamber of Deputies during the assembly of 30 May 1924. Circled Giacomo Matteotti

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Publication of “Risorgimento Veneziano”

The Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies announces the publication of Angelo Ventura’s Risorgimento Veneziano. Introduction by Adriano Viarengo (Donzelli Editore).


click here to read the back cover (in Italian)

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NEWS (20-30 October 2017)

Exile in contemporary history: inaugural conference of the cycle STORIA DELL’ESILIO E STORIE DI ESILI NEL XX SECOLO (“History of banishment and exiles in the twentieth century”) by professor Maurizio Degl’Innocenti,  which will be held from 17 October to 6 December 2017 at the Palazzo del Bo in Padova. The conference is sponsored by CASREC and the University of Padova.


The seminars will be filmed and published

The Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies will participate in the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Geneva Congress of Peace (1867) that will be held Tuesday 21 November 2017 at the European Parliament in Bruxelles. The initiative is backed by the European Commission and the Sapienza University of Rome together with the Union of European Federalists, European Movement International, and the Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli.

The presentation of Massimo Furiozzi’s Eugenio Rignano e il socialismo liberale, published by Angeli as part of the Foundation’s book series, will take place the 25th of October 2017 in Florence at the Circolo di Cultura Politica Fratelli Rosselli – Spazio QCR, in Via degli Alfani 101r. Participants, aside from the author, will be professors Ariane Landuyt, Maurizio Degl’Innocenti and Salvatore Cingari.


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“Science, technology, and the Great War. Reality and images.”

Study seminar

Science, technology and the Great War.
Reality and images

Florence, 18-19 October 2017
Aula Magna, Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Fine and Performing Arts (SAGAS) – University of Florence
Via San Gallo 10, Florence










Aviation, automatic firearms and artillery, chemical gasses and explosives, modern surgery, and submarine warfare are just a few of the technological and scientific achievements that saw their first mass diffusion during the First World War and that marked it, in the eyes of contemporary historians, as a watershed of modernity. Innovations in reproductive technology and the manipulation of materials (the press, photography, cinema) that started in the second half of the 19th century made it possible to effectively reach ever greater parts of a population hungry for images and stories of the trenches, fascinated and frightened by the technological and scientific aspects of the conflict. Explaining and illustrating the technological side of the war in comprehensible terms to the public was an endeavour that combined educational interests with commercial and propagandistic ends, and required specific graphic and narrative devices in order to be adopted by various media and national authorities.

The seminar will see the gathering of specialists in the history of media and historians of culture and technology, with the aim to explore how the technology of war, in its broadest sense, was communicated to soldiers and the population, in particular by way of graphic materials and photographs. What were the purposes (political, educational, military) of these representations of the technology of war? What were the technical and rhetorical means used to achieve them? What aspects of the modern war can be represented in words and images and which instead have to be hidden, denied, or manipulated? What were the differences between the various parties involved (editors, state authorities, business men), between the various media, and between the various narratives of nations?

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“Intellettuali. Cultura e politica tra fascismo e antifascismo”

Presentation of
Angelo Ventura’s
Intellettuali. Cultura e politica tra fascismo e antifascismo
10 October 2017 – 16:00
Palazzo Bo, University of Padova

Locandina Intellettuali_


At the chair table, from left to right Carlo Fumian, Raffaele Lucci, Adriano Viarengo, Emilio Gentile, Maurizio Degl’Innocenti, Alba Lazzaretto

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Conference on Luciano Della Mea

Pisa, 29 September 2017



Published by Lacaita in the book series edited by the Foundation













Conference on Luciano Della MeaDellaMea_29sett2017_

at the University of Pisa Collection of Plaster Casts
(29 September 2017)

At the chair table, from the left

Rector of the University Paolo Mancarella,
Professor Adriano Prosperi,
Professor Maurizio Degl’Innocenti.

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