The Virtual Museum and Exhibition Center “Sandro Pertini” (CESP) is based in Florence, in Via Buonarroti 13. CESP was established by the National Association “Sandro Pertini” in 2004, in collaboration with the Foundation of Historical Studies ” Filippo Turati ”, whose first president was Sandro Pertini.
Both the Virtual Museum and the Exhibition Center are dedicated to the democratic and socialist culture of the twentieth century in Italy and in Europe. They intend to support research activities, conferences and publications that the “Filippo Turati” Foundation for Historical Studies promotes since its establishment.
The main objective of CESP is to enhance the documentary and archival heritage of the “Filippo Turati” Foundation for Historical Studies, making documents, images and audio material available to researchers, students and the general public through technologies.

What services does it offer?

– A permanent multimedia exhibition center
– A reading room for documentary and bibliographical material
– A consultation room for multimedia material

Who is it for?

Scholars and researchers, University students and schools of all levels, to all who are interested in the themes of contemporary history and in particular to the historical and political events of the twentieth century.

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