The Fondazione di Studi Storici  Filippo Turati publishes prolifically (around five/six titles per year).

In particular, it manages two series of books for publishing house Piero Lacaita and one historical series for publisher Franco Angeli. Amongst other things, it launched the publication of Filippo Turati’s correspondence and Giacomo Matteotti’s works. The Foundation furthermore works together with the studies and publications division of the Direzione generale per gli Archivi (DGA; in charge of the national archives) of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism under whose auspices it has published the inventory of Rodolfo Mondolfo’s archives, edited by Stefano Vitali, and is currently preparing to publish a guide to its archives.

lacaitaSeries Società e Cultura (Society and Culture)

Publisher Piero Lacaita, Manduria-Bari-Rome

Sponsored by the Fondazione di Studi Storici  Filippo Turati
Managed by Maurizio Degl’Innocenti

The series’ books 

lacaitaSeries Strumenti e Fonti (Tools and Sources)
Publisher Piero Lacaita, Manduria-Bari-Rome

Set up by the Fondazione di Studi Storici Filippo Turati for the publication of inventories and catalogues of archival materials and books, as well as (published and unpublished) documents and sources that contribute to the identification of new areas of research

Managed by Stefano Caretti and Maurizio Degl’Innocenti

The series’ books

angeliCollana storica Fondazione di Studi Storici “Filippo Turati” (Historical series Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies)
Publisher Franco Angeli, Milan

The series aims to be a training ground for free, historiographical debate following the model culturally democratic, socialist tradition. Open to contributions from young researchers as well as established scholars, Italian and foreign, the series intends to contribute to the innovation of Italian historiography while giving particular attention to new methodologies and the promotion of the relationship between European and international culture.

The series’ books

pacini editore

Collana Contemporary

Publisher Pacini, Pisa

The series’ books

nistriScritti di Giacomo Matteotti (Writings of GiacomoMatteotti)
Publisher Nistri-Lischi, Pisa
Pisa University Press, Pisa

The series’ books


Scritti di  Angelo Ventura (Writings of Angelo Ventura)

Publisher Donzelli, Roma


The series’ book


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