The Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies, with its legal and administrative offices in Florence, Italy, was founded on 20 May 1985 and is made up of academics, researchers and scholars. As of 6 November 1986 it is a charitable trust. Among its aims are: “the promotion and organization of research, study, documentation, and dissemination in the field of historical studies.” (1st Article of the Charter). The Foundation furthermore promotes historical scientific research in Italy as well as abroad.

The Foundation is part of various national and international bodies, such as the IALHI (International Association of Labour History Institutions), the CIA (Consiglio Internazionale degli Archivi), the AICI (Associazione Italiana degli Istituti Culturali), and the ANAI (Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana).

It works together with public bodies (Archivio Centrale della Stato, Bioblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze, Sovraintendenza archivistica della Toscana)  (Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze, Sovrintendenza archivistica della Toscana) and national and international private institutions that operate in the field of historical research.

Sandro Pertini, primo presidente della FondazioneAt its conception in 1985, the Institute was headed by Sandro Pertini, former President of Italy, who was succeeded by Giuliano Vassalli, Professor Emeritus of the Constitutional Court of Italy. At present, the Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies is headed by Professor Maurizio Degl’Innocenti.


The Foundation’s staff

Il presidente della Fondazione, prof. Maurizio Degl'Innocenti

Director: Professor Maurizio Degl’Innocenti;

Vice-director: Professor Stefano Caretti;




Administrative Board

Prof. Maurizio Degl’Innocenti (Director) (University of Siena); Prof. Stefano Caretti (Vice director) (University of Siena); Prof. Dino Mengozzi (University of Urbino); Dr. Claudio Rosati; Prof. Paolo Rusconi (University of Milan); Prof. Gianni Silei (University of Siena); Prof. Luigi  Tomassini (University of Bologna).

Scientific Committee

Proff. Antonio Baglio (University of Messina), Roberto Borrello (University of Siena), Ester Capuzzo (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), Stefano Caretti (University of Siena), Zeffiro Ciuffoletti (University of Florence), Maurizio Degl’Innocenti (University of Siena), Santi Fedele (University of Messina), Monica Fioravanzo (University of Padova), Carlo Fumian (University of Padua), Massimiliano Guderzo (University of Siena), Carlo G. Lacaita (University of Milan), Alba Lazzaretto (University of Padua), Stefano Maggi (University of Siena), Alberto Malfitano (University of Bologna), Dino Mengozzi (University of Urbino), Michela Minesso (University of Milan), Mauro Moretti (Foreigners University of Siena), Leopoldo Nuti (Roma Tre University), Paolo Passaniti (University of Siena), Irene Piazzoni (University of Milan), Maurizio Punzo (University of Milan), Paolo Rusconi (University of Milan), Giovanni Sabbatucci (Sapienza University of Rome), Gianluca Scroccu (University of Cagliari), Gianni Silei (University of Siena), Fiorenza Taricone (University of Cassino), Luigi Tomassini (University of Bologna), Fabio Zucca (University of Pavia).

Prof. Luigi Tomassini (Director of the Scientific Committee)

Emeritus Advisors:

Prof. Giampietro Berti (University of Padua), Valerio Castronovo (University of Turin), Giovanni Cherubini (University of Florence), Roberto Chiarini (University of Milan), Simona Colarizi (Sapienza University of Rome), Enrico Decleva (University of Milan), Piero Del Negro (University of Padua), Gianni Donno (University of Lecce), Gian Biagio Furiozzi (University of Perugia), Fabio Grassi Orsini (University of Siena), Francesco Margiotta Broglio (University of Florence), Emilio R. Papa (University of Turin).


Dr. Barbara Cassola.

Advisory Board

Dr. Alessandro Zuccotti (Director); Dr. Fiammetta Terlizzi (appointed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism); Dr. Audeta Agimi.

Members of the Institute’s bodies are appointed for five years after which they can be re-elected (Article Nine of the Charter).

The members of the Administrative Board and the Scientific Committee are in position since 27 February 2015.

The Director of the Advisory Board, Dr. Alessandro Zuccotti, and Dr. Audeta Agini were appointed on 24 March 2017, while Dr. Fiammetta Terlizzi was appointed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism on 5 February 2015.

The Director, the other members of the Administrative Board, and the members of the Scientific Committee are not financially compensated for their work.


Since March 2002, the Institute for Historical Studies “Filippo Turati” has its offices at Casa Lapi, in Florence, in Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 13.

At Casa Lapi, students and scholars can find facilities for consulting bibliographical or documentary materials, in addition to several designated stations for the reference of audiovisual and multimedia materials, which are preserved by the Foundation.

For more information on these facilities, ways in which to access them, and on the services provided by the library and archives, please see the sections  Centro espositivo “Sandro Pertini”, Library and Archives.


Filippo Turati Foundation for Historical Studies
via M. Buonarroti, 13
50122 – Florence, Italy
+39 055 243123

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